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TENA Lady Pants Night

TENA Lady Pants NIGHT are disposable, cotton-soft pants, offering Triple Protection from leaks, odour and moisture. With a high narrow waistband, integrated leakage barriers and breathable fabric, TENA Lady Pants NIGHT have the look and feel of everyday underwear, providing the optimum night-time confidence.

  • Super Absorption Zone for optimum dryness

  • Fresh Odour Control neutralises unwanted smells

  • Triple Protection – Dry, Secure & Odour Control

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Anatomical fit

TENA Lady Pants are designed with an anatomical fit to stay in place, providing secure protection, comfort and discretion.

Most underwear-like pants ever

With a back indication design, breathable fabric and narrow waistband, TENA Lady Pants NIGHT are our most underwear-like pants ever. Designed to provide the improved discretion and comfort the loved one r needs to feel like themselves.

High waist for secure protection

The high waistband of our most underwear-like pants is now narrower to offer improved comfort and fit, whilst still giving the trusted night-time security the loved one needs.

Cotton-soft breathable fabric

TENA Lady Pants are made from a stretchy, breathable, cotton-soft fabric that allows air to circulate and supports optimum skin health. Gentle on the skin and with enhanced breathability, our TENA Lady Pants offer improved comfort and dryness.

More core elastics for improved fit

With additional lengthwise elastics, our new core design offers improved comfort and fit.

New integrated leakage barriers for optimum security

Our TENA Lady Pants are designed with integrated leakage barriers within the core for an anatomical fit, providing the optimum leakage security and ultimate confidence.

Product facts

Absorption protection
Available in
  • M
  • L

Fits hip: 75 to 100 cm

Available in packages

8 pcs


Fits hip: 95 to 125 cm

Available in packages

7 pcs

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