What makes TENA special? Our unique features can improve the quality of care - TENA

Experience the difference of TENA

In order to develop the best incontinence protection for people being cared for in a home environment, we continually talk to carers and healthcare professionals to build our understanding of their needs, so we can evolve our products to improve quality and ease of care for both the person you care for and you, the carer.

But don’t just take our word for it - see what other carers have to say.

How TENA helps with home incontinence care

Faster absorption means fewer leaks and laundry changes

Odour neutralisers for freshness you can trust

Ultra dryness also makes for greater physical comfort

Fewer skin problems, especially for those seated or lying down for long periods

Products designed to lessen back strain when changing

Products to help with skin comfort and hygiene