New TENA Lady Discreet

Remarkably secure and surprisingly discreet

New TENA Lady Discreet now features microPROTEXTM technology, making it 20% thinner and just as secure. Discreet protection that allows you to get away with wearing whatever you want.

Trademarked logo microPROTEX

20% thinner, just as secure

New microPROTEXTM technology from TENA cleverly compresses ultra-absorbent materials, to create a thinner pad that rapidly draws away moisture away from the skin. It’s remarkably secure and discreet protection.
TENA Lady Discreet Mini Wings product

Follows your every move

With a new asymmetrical body shape, TENA Lady Discreet pads are designed to fit and move with the curves and shape of your body.
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Ready to go when you are

Convenient to carry and dispose of later, TENA Lady Discreet pads are individually wrapped with a subtle design to pop in your purse or bag.
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Triple Protection

The TENA Lady range gives you Triple Protection against leaks, odour and moisture. To help you stay dry, secure and confident every day.
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Soft, breathable and kind to skin

TENA products are made to give you secure protection that is also soft and kind to skin so you feel dry, fresh and comfortable.

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