Your guide to incontinence

Learn more about leaks, bedwetting and continence care in these articles. If you experience incontinence, make sure to get a proper diagnosis from your doctor.

Blood in urine: A cause for concern?

Blood in urine can have many causes, many of them harmless. Learn more about what causes blood in urine and when you should contact your doctor.

Urine test with colored stick

What you should know about urinary retention

Urinary retention can have many causes. Learn about what could cause urinary retention and when to seek immediate medical attention.

Patient with doctor discussing TENA

Is there a right way to travel with incontinence?

Don’t let incontinence stop you from travelling. Check out these useful tips on how to travel smart with bladder weakness.

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How often should you change your pad?

Read our helpful guide on how often you should change your incontinence pad during the day and at night.

A doctor in her office shows an elderly patient how to use her new incontinence product.