Packshots of TENA Silhouette Underwear, TENA Discreet Pad and TENA ProSkin Comfort

High-performance products. Reduced environmental impact.

At TENA, we’re continually improving: innovating smarter designs, finding superior materials, developing new solutions to reduce waste, and making our energy use cleaner and more efficient. Thanks to these efforts, we’ve reduced the carbon footprint of our products by 21-43% since 2008 – crucial steps towards our ambitious goal of cutting it in half in Europe by 2030. Here are just a few of the launches that stand out across the range.

Reducing impact. Step by step.

See a snapshot of our recent progress: better materials, smarter designs, and purchased certified renewable electricity. 

What is carbon footprint and why is it important?

To be a part of the solution, it helps two know just how much you're a part of the problem. This is where the idea of a carbon footprint comes in. Here’s a quick look at what it is and how it works. 

* Diana Ivanova & Richard Wood, "Top 1% of EU households have carbon footprints 22 times larger than climate targets allow," The Conversation, August 27, 2020,