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Male Shields & Protectors

  • Light to super absorbency control, specially designed for men
  • Fits securely and discreetly in men's underwear
  • Odour control system helps prevent unwanted odours

TENA Men Absorbent Protector Level 2

Medium absorbency control for security against leaks and surges


Male pants

  • Secure Absorption Zone with absorbent core positioned upfront to lock in leaks effectively
  • Masculine style and underwear design with a discreet and secure fit
  • Odour control for extra confidence

TENA Men Premium Fit Protective Underwear

Premium protection designed like regular underwear



  • Close body fit for security and confidence, whatever your loved one's lifestyle
  • These high-performance products are as easy to put on as underwear
  • TENA Pants are available in a range of absorbency levels

TENA Pants Normal

Suitable for medium to heavy bladder leakage



  • Integrated fastening belt with ComfiStretch elastic – a breakthrough for users and caregivers
  • Innovative product design for skin health and wearing comfort
  • Ergonomic in use - apply belt first to minimise risk of lower back strain

TENA Flex Plus

Designed for medium to heavy urine leakage


TENA Flex Super

Designed for heavy urine leakage



  • All-in-one incontinence products designed to provide protection for healthy skin and high leakage security.
  • Available in a range of sizes and absorbency levels
  • Suitable for all types of incontinence

TENA Slip Original Plus

Designed for medium to heavy urine leakage