Cost-effective care

How to reduce caregiving costs

Naturally you want to give your loved one the best care possible. So you might be wary about making it “cost-effective”. But rest assured, we’re not talking about cutting corners – none of us want that. Rather, we mean planning your finances and being smart about what you buy. Doing that can save you time and money, which will help to counter your increased caregiving costs.

Money-saving tips

Here are some suggestions to help you be financially savvy with your caregiving:
  • Always make a list for your shopping. Stick to it so that you buy only what you really need and avoid those little impulse buys. To make it easy, use our free shopping list template 
  • Ask for samples before buying large quanities – check online or in the shops. Or, order some TENA samples here 
  • Protect bedding – for example, use TENA as matress or chair protectors. You'll save on cleaning costs and the expense of replacing furniture.
  • Look for what you need online – prices are often lower than at brick-and-mortar stores (buy products at the TENA web shop or local online shops). Also watch out for promotions and promo codes on shopping websites. 
  • Don't be afraid to buy second-hand goods. Many people sell slightly used care equipment, such as wheelchairs, for much less than you'd pay at a store – check the classified ads.
  • Take advantage of loyalty programs, money-off coupons and sale prices – they’ll all help you to cut your costs.

You’re better off with good quality incontinence products

Being savvy about the products you buy could save you a tidy sum, and time. Be sure to choose the right product type, size and  absorbency, for your loved one. You’ll find they make financial sense in the long run. 
Benefits of TENA for your loved one
  • Fewer changes of products, meaning less interruption 
  • Less leakage 
  • More comfortable daily hygiene and improved skin health
Benefits of TENA for you
  • Less washing of bedding and clothing 
  • No more unnecessary changes, meaning you interrupt your loved one less often.
Discover the TENA advantage. Then use our Product Selector to find the right product for your loved one's needs.