Financial help

Finacial support to caregivers

Are the costs of caring for an elderly loved one causing you stress? You’re not alone; many caregivers have financial worries. Fortunately, help is at hand. Special types of financial support are available. 
Here’s how you can get financial assistance with different aspects of your caregiving:

  • Insurance 
    Check with your current insurer to see if there are any payments you are entitled to as a caregiver. 

  • Government support 
    Many governments have social programs that offer financial support to citizens caring for loved ones in their homes. Ask your doctor or another medical professional about a program in your area. Also search online to find out if you can claim financial help from your local government. 

  • Social worker support 
    In addition to direct financial support (described above), your local government may be able to help in other ways. Check to see if they can provide a social worker to help you with your workload.  

  • Help with household expenses 
    Some organisations can help you get a better price on your TV and fuel, and postpone or lower the cost of local council taxes. 

  • Help with your pension 
    Are you unable to work and earn a living? Or have you given up work to care for a loved one? Financial support or advice might be available from a local pension advisory service. 

  • Church and charitable organisations 
    Inquire at your local church, and check with charities in your area – they may be able to help you financially with your caregiving.