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TENA Lady Pants Discreet

Made of a revolutionary soft, stretchy fabric, combining a pad and underwear in one. The highly absorbent pant provides breathable comfort and security for everyday life.

  • Fresh Odour Control neutralises unwanted smells
  • Cotton-soft breathable fabric
  • Most underwear-like pants ever

Product description

Fresh Odour Control neutralises unwanted smells

Fresh Odour Control neutralises unwanted smells and keeps the loved one feeling fresh and confident. Micro-fresh pearls lock in urine and reduce the development of odour, offering improved discretion and security.

Cotton-soft breathable fabric

TENA Lady Pants are made from a stretchy, breathable, cotton-soft fabric that allows air to circulate and supports optimum skin health. Gentle on the skin and with enhanced breathability, our TENA Lady Pants offer improved comfort and dryness.

Most underwear-like pants ever

With a feminine print and back indication design, breathable fabric and thinner core, TENA Lady Pants are our most underwear-like pants ever. Designed to provide the improved discretion and comfort the loved one needs to feel like themselves.

Super Absorption Zone for optimum dryness

The innovative Super Absorption Zone within the core contains unique surface inlets that efficiently wick away moisture and quickly lock in leaks deep inside the layers. Designed to offer the optimum leakage security, TENA Lady Pants keep the loved one dry and confident all day long.

Tear-away side seams for easy removal

TENA Lady Pants is as easy to pull on as it is to pull off. Just tear open the side seam on one or both sides and that is it, they are ready to dispose of.

Product facts


Fits hip sizes:

75 cm to 100 cm

Available in packages:

  • Consumer pack: 12 pcs

Fits hip sizes:

95 cm to 125 cm

Available in packages:

  • Consumer pack: 10 pcs